Organisation for Prevention of Occupational Hazards in the Construction Industry

OPPBTP is the French Professional Agency for Risk Prevention in Building and Civil Engineering (BCE). Its mission is to advise, train and inform companies in this sector on the prevention of work-related accidents and occupational safety, and improve working conditions.

Thanks to its network of 340 members across 16 agencies in France, OPPBTP supports companies in risk-analysis within their profession, with a complete documentation offer, and in implementing training plans.

OPPBTP offers companies services and training courses tailored to their needs. On its website www.preventionbtp.fr, there are various publications, practical tools and guidance sheets readily available to help companies in their risk prevention management.

Prevention and large companies


For over 60 years, the Organisation for Prevention of Occupational Hazards in the Construction Industry strives to prevent the occupational hazards of employees and improve their working conditions. As a partner to big companies it helps them start the preventive processes that correspond to both their requirements and their expectations.

At the end of 2010, the OPPBTP surveyed eight construction industry companies to understand their expectations in terms of assistance in their preventive actions. This survey resulted in a personalised offer dedicated to large companies.

"In the construction industry sector there are two types of risk. The immediate risks, i.e. the accidents in the workplace, for which there has been a significant decrease, and the risks with a deferred effect, i.e. illnesses related to the workplace which are increasing. The most recurrent risks are those linked to manual handling and falls on the level. The more serious ones are the falls from greater heights and muscular-skeletal problems that represent 92% of professional illnesses declared. Furthermore, illnesses linked to asbestos are ever increasing. The evolution is therefore not about the appearance of new risks but about large companies taking them into account, especially regarding risks with a deferred effect." Philippe Maygnan, head of the Ile-De-France OPPBTP agency.

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A specific offer for large companies

Large companies represent a substantial part of the activity of the construction industry and given its role as an adviser to the profession, the OPPBTP has decided to provide solutions adapted specifically to them. This offer takes into consideration the complexity of the structures which are both well organised and very divided on a national level: they work with a great deal of sub-contractors from all trades and structures of all sizes. They are therefore at different levels in regards to risk prevention.


Put together as a result of a survey of 8 of the largest companies in the sector (BOUYGUES Bâtiment IDF – VINCI Energies IDF Tertiaire Contracting – SPIE SA – RAZEL – EIFFAGE Travaux Publics – SPIE Batignolles – COLAS IDF Normandie Bâtiment and PONTICELLI), the OPPBTP offer aims to develop personalised services featuring technical monitoring, prevention engineering, assistance for sub-contractors, better utilisation of information resources and OPPBTP training. 

Expectations that stood out and that brought about the creation of a convention signed with each of the companies concern 5 main areas:

  • Advance representation of the profession

In the ministries as well as the professional bodies, OPPBTP's involvement is required before the establishment of regulations on various themes such as hardship, recycling of transport products, the obligations of the public contracting authority, the safety coordinator,…

  • Regulatory monitoring

All the companies surveyed benefit from regulatory monitoring provided either by their legal department or by an external service provider. There was however a strong request for a practical translation of new regulations, explaining what they could tangibly change on building sites.

  • Sub-contractors

Large companies, as part of their certification obligations, must give preventive assistance to their sub-contractors and asked for help from the OPPBTP, trusted external actor and specialist in the area.

  • Audit/exterior consultant

In the case of an accident, the analysis often reveals a failure to implement on-site procedures due to the habits that exist on building sites. The assistance of someone with a fresh look is therefore required.

  • Documentation and training

All the big companies have many information resources and training programmes. However, there is a desire for collaboration within the trade with better access to information and resources shared by all.


"Each session is the subject of an anonymous satisfaction survey as well as knowledge evaluation. These evaluations are in the form of a quiz during which the trainees answer questions with keypads. These quizzes are put together with the training department that requested them" explains Marc Girard, head of training for large companies.

A desire for a partnership

Whilst they are well organised, the big brands chose to seek assistance from the OPPBTP to undertaken preventive actions within their companies. There are two types of training:

  • Standard training, immediately operational and dedicated to all levels in a company (directors, supervisors, operators).
  • Made-to-measure training; personalised and created within one or two months depending on the length of the sessions and their complexity.

The OPPBTP draws up a made-to-measure programme for each large company that includes:

  • Analysis of needs
  • Definition of specifications
  • Educational conception
  • Carrying out the training
  • Regular assessment with the company
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