Organisation for Prevention of Occupational Hazards in the Construction Industry

OPPBTP is the French Professional Agency for Risk Prevention in Building and Civil Engineering (BCE). Its mission is to advise, train and inform companies in this sector on the prevention of work-related accidents and occupational safety, and improve working conditions.

Thanks to its network of 340 members across 16 agencies in France, OPPBTP supports companies in risk-analysis within their profession, with a complete documentation offer, and in implementing training plans.

OPPBTP offers companies services and training courses tailored to their needs. On its website www.preventionbtp.fr, there are various publications, practical tools and guidance sheets readily available to help companies in their risk prevention management.

About us

The Organisation for Prevention of Occupational Hazards in the Construction Industry works with 231 867 member companies. (Figures from 1st January 2015)

Our mission

We are an organisation specialised in the construction industry since 1947, working under the supervision of the Ministry of Employment and managed in equal measures by representatives of employers and employees. Working on behalf of businesses in the construction industry, its mission is primarily to contribute to the promotion of prevention of accidents on the workplace and illnesses related to the workplace, as well as the improvement of working conditions in member companies.

It offers information and advice to member companies regarding prevention, training and safety as well as taking part in projects within the European Union within its areas of competence.

On a daily basis the OPPBTP brings together all those involved in the construction industry by putting in place partnership ventures with professional organisations, unions, training establishments of all kinds, health authorities …




  • 25 agencies and offices
  • 341 staff.

 Each year

  • 8 000 businesses from the construction industry supported.
  • 13 000 actions and instances of advice for businesses.
  • 19 000 participants at meetings to promote prevention.
  • 22 000 trainees for professional training.
  • 20 000 apprentices with increased awareness.
  • 100 000 readers of the Prévention BTP publication.
  • 740 000 visitors at  www.preventionbtp.fr.
  • 13 500 e-prevention accounts created.


The OPPBTP deals with 5 important issues: preserving health and life, reinforcing cohesion within businesses, reducing costs linked to accidents in the workplace, improving the image of member companies and helping with compliance with regulations.

The organisation is financed by subscriptions paid by companies who are affiliated with the Caisse des Congés Payés (office for paid leave), of up to 0.11% of their payroll (Decree of August 28, 2007).

Its governance is handled by representatives from the professional organisations (FFB, Capeb, Scop BTP Federation, FNTP) and unions (FO, CGT, CFDT, CFTC and CFE-CGC) from the construction industry. This equality of representation means it can improve prevention. It also guarantees that the organisation is well represented with the public authorities.


Missions opérationnelles


The OPPBTP has an innovative view of prevention, in particular with the economic dimension, and it develops tools capable of strongly mobilising companies, such as the prevention management website www.preventionbtp.fr.

Expert in prevention, it represents professionals in the construction industry with the aim of simplifying standards, encouraging their implementation and ensuring technical and legal vigilance of professional risks.


Working towards HORIZON 2015!

On the 25th November 2010, the OPPBTP adopted HORIZON 2015, its strategic plan for the period 2010 to 2015, thereby displaying its ability to adapt to a changing environment (overhaul of the retirement system, missions of the SIST BTP (multi company service for health in the workplace), health at work plan II…).

The strategic HORIZON 2015 plan highlights the pertinence of the OPPBTP's three missions: advising, training, informing businesses in the construction industry in the areas of prevention of risks and improvement of working conditions.

It defines three strategic operations the organisation must undertake in order to fulfil its preventive mission:

increase the impact of actions in the workplace by the organisation to help businesses;
intervene before staff are exposed to risks on building sites;
develop complementary actions with other stakeholders in the field of prevention.


See the 2010-2014 activity report of the OPPBTP (fr)

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What we do

Each year the OPPBTP staff provide support to businesses with advice, training and information:

  • 13 088 instances of action, support and advice for 7 985 businesses, promoting innovative services: a practical risk assessment tool (Préval), procedures and solutions to improve working conditions (Procedures for progress and Adapt BTP), … and the www.preventionbtp.fr website to assess risks in a few clicks, to monitor staff and equipment and obtain information thanks to many practical tools that can be downloaded.
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  • The TRAINING of 24 000 professionals in the construction industry thanks to 60 courses adapted to businesses, listed in the catalogue Vision; training for supervisors, students and all those involved in prevention, as well as providing support to create training plans.
  • INFORMATION campaigns via various forms of media such as Prévention BTP magazine that has 100,000 readers each month; the Prévention BTP newsletter which has 32 500 subscribers; posters, handbooks, illustrated prevention cards, to order or download on the website; 50 publications and registers, 70 educational videos (available on the Youtube Prevention BTP channel) to help sharpen your prevention outlook; national awareness communication campaigns (asbestos, falls from a height, 100 minutes for life, …).

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The OPPBTP's 25 agencies and offices form a network of prevention specialists, engineers and technicians.

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